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How to Choose a Breast Enlargement Doctor

How to Choose a Breast Enlargement Doctor

The single most important factor in deciding to receive breast augmentation surgery is your choice of doctors. While the procedure is common, with more than 300,000 successful surgeries in 2008 alone, the skills of the surgeon are the most important factor in the final product. Nearly all of the complications of breast implants can be avoided by a good cosmetic surgeon and a good doctor is necessary for any procedure that involves general anesthetic. When hunting for a doctor, here are some things to look for.

Board Certification:

Making certain your doctor has the proper licensing is a vitally important part of any medical procedure. In fact, there is obviously no reason whatsoever to get any sort of medical treatment from an doctor without the right certifications. However, there are several types of certifications available that allow doctors to perform breast augmentations and knowing exactly what type of doctor has the best training to perform your procedure is a handy piece of knowledge. The American Board for Medical Specialties, the body that determines who qualifies to be a brain surgeon, a gastro-intestinal specialist and so on, has a special board intended specifically for plastic and cosmetic surgeons. This board is called the American Board of Plastic Surgery and it offers specialized certification in all sorts of cosmetic medicine. ABPS certified surgeons will have done a five year residency, specific training for plastic surgery procedures, and have a continuing ethical benchmark applied to them.

Special Training:

A doctor doesn't need to be certified by the ABPS to perform cosmetic surgery. Even if they are certified, the ABPS doesn't specifically focus on breast augmentation but concerns itself with all sorts of cosmetic procedures. As a result, its important to find out what types of procedures a doctor genrally performs in order to ensure he is truly an augmentation specialist. Special training in augmentation is vital to ensure proper implant placement and minimize side effects or complications. A good augmentation specialist will be able to produce information on their special training, and a good patient should ask for it. Especially important is making certain that your surgeon is continuing to learn new techniques by attending seminars and training events to ensure that their techniques are up to date with new advances.


The proof of a good augmentation is in pictures and stories. The final gauge for how successful an elective medical procedure is can be found in the patients. No matter how many courses a doctor has gone through or board accreditations they possess, the results of their work should speak for themselves. No good cosmetic surgeon would have any problem with showing their work, and patients are often happy to contribute their stories to the process. When examining a doctor for your own breast augmentation, try and find out as much as possible about his previous patients. These can be before and after photos, personal testimonials or referrals from other doctors. Taken together they can give a prospective patient an excellent view of the doctor's capabilities.